Boomers paves the way for alternative transport for people around the world

Being a recipient of the prestigious Airtel Touching Lives Award, Kwabena Danso has successfully merged the YONSO Project with Bambooresa, becoming the fundament for BOOMERS. Social development within the communities was enlarged with trainings of the youth in Ghana in order to build bicycles. Whilst production started on a small scale in 2014, BOOMERS currently is present in 7 countries around the world. With the support of mentor Hubertus Evers, the expansion to other countries and markets will enable even more youngsters to be employed!

Name:        Kwabena Danso

Country:    Ghana

Sector:       Bicycle production company

Brand:        Boomers

Booomers is a bamboo bicycle production company based in Ghana. The company seeks to address the issues of rural unemployment, poverty, rural-urban migration, climate change and access to alternative transport for people around the world. In 2009, the Yonso Project partnered with Bamboosero to train youth in rural Ghana to build bicycles as a way of providing employment to the youth. In 2010, the organization started producing on a small scale and in 2014, Boomers decided to go commercial with the product following an increase in demand globally.


The company currently provides employment to over 15 youth in rural communities. Boomers has distributors in 7 countries around the world including Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Australia, Taiwan, Sweden and Canada. It also seeks to enter the South Korean and the Japanese markets this year. The company currently produces road bikes, mountain bikes and city trekking bikes for its customers. Additional products like kid’s bikes, balance bikes and tricycles will also be introduced in March 2016.

The Founder and CEO of Booomers, Kwabena Danso has been a champion of rural development and his passion and motivation comes from his own life. Kwabena grew up in rural Ghana with a lot of challenges, some of which nearly got him drop out of school. Through the help of his grandparents, he was able to have access to quality education. Kwabena mentioned that, he had to go to school without school uniforms, food or even shoes at some point of his life and these challenges he went through actually drove his passion to go back to his village to try and help improve opportunities for the poor children there. Through these efforts, he met a group of American students at the University of Ghana, where he was studying psychology who became interested in his work and who later teamed up with him to start the Yonso Project. Kwabena has received several awards including the President of Ghana’s Youth Achievers Awards for Rural community development through his campaign for better lives for the rural poor. His entrepreneurial acumen has also gone noticed as he is a recipient of the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship program and is also supported by the UKAID’s Entrepreneurship program in Ghana called ENGINE. He is also a global fellow of the International Youth Foundation and the recipient of the prestigious Airtel Touching Lives Award. Kwabena is actively mentored by Hubertus Evers.


The company, apart from producing high quality products that meets international standards, is highly committed to social development within the communities it operates. The company provides educational scholarships to needy and vulnerable children, so they have access to education. As well as library programs to improve access to educational materials which are hardly found in these communities. In 2015, Booomers supported its sister organization, the Yonso project to provide over 100 scholarships to elementary, Senior High School and tertiary students. These are normally children who would dropouts of school if they do not get any support. 

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