Success Story of Young Entrepreneur David Otieno

City Rydes Limited specializes petty errands & deliveries services. David Otieno & Morris Cerrullo, Co-Founders of City Rydes Limited, developed a successful business idea which now enables residence as well as corporates to have trusted errand runners.

Name:        David Otieno & Morris Cerrullo

Country:    Kenya

Sector:       Logistics

Brand:        City Rydes Limited

Kisumu, a county in Kenya, has a population of 409,928. Up until 2014 there was no local errands & deliveries company in this county. David Otieno & Morris Cerrullo, Co-Founders of City Rydes Limited, developed a successful business idea which now enables residence as well as corporates to have trusted errand runners. David & Cerrullos progress in only 18 months has been remarkable, the need for expansion of his production is obvious. City Rydes Limited has had a great business start thanks to its mentor Ricky Umegbolu.

It has been great being one of the entrepreneurs of the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program (TEEP 2015). Thanks to Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) and the mentorship by Ricky Umegbolu!


We have received first class entrepreneurship training, my business plan has been professionally evaluated by Accenture, and I was mentored on business expansion. I received $ 5’000 seed investment and it has really transformed our business.


City Rydes Limited specializes petty errands & deliveries services. The company plans to build a strong market position in the City, due to the owner industry experience and mild competitive climate in the area of within city organized logistics. The business offers various services such as...

Home Delivieries








  • Dry Cleaning pick-ups and drops
  • Post Office
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Prescriptions
  • NHIF/NSSF payments
  • Purschases
  • driving License Renewals

 Office Deliveries







  • Office Purchases
  • Payment of Bills
  • Cheque Collections/Deliveries
  • Quotations & Inquiries
  • Invoices Deliveries
  • NHIF/NSSF payments/post office

Gift Deliveries






  • Cake Deliveries
  • Gift Basket
  • Fruit Baskets to loved ones in the hospitals
  • Flower deliveries
  • Special Days Surprises e.g. birthdays, valentines, anniversaries etc.





  • Home Shopping
  • Office Shopping
  • Event Shopping e.g. birthdays, anniversariese etc.

Food Deliveries




  • Cake Deliveries
  • Pizza Delivery
  • Foods from your favorite restaurants in town

Tailor made Services



  • Meeting client needs as per instruction
  • As many as your errands can get

The business has been successful after receiving the TEEP training and weekly mentorship on business expansion and management and it has continued to grow and it has already hired 4 full-time employees to handle customer demand and day to day operations. The business has also managed to acquire two new bikes and create an online platform for easy scheduling of errands – CITY RYDES APP. Our biggest challenges will be to meet market demand and acquire enough capital to expand the business.

Thanks a lot to the Tony Elumelu Foundation and my mentor Rick Umegbolu, as well as to Bert Evers from The TEF journey to develop Africa by Africans has started.

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  • #1

    collins kodhek (Samstag, 16 April 2016 07:26)

    Step by step. Keep it up

  • #2

    Lynn (Samstag, 16 April 2016 07:35)

    Great work you are doing David and team . Proud of you

  • #3

    Chris Mutandi (Samstag, 16 April 2016)

    Good job fellow teeper, God bless!

  • #4

    ajoe (Samstag, 16 April 2016 07:50)

    This is good stuff @davido

  • #5

    karen kilwake (Samstag, 16 April 2016 07:57)

    Inspired to get out of my comfort zone!

  • #6

    Saru Ongaro (Samstag, 16 April 2016 08:18)

    So encouraging to see you people creating employment as well as innovating jobs. Hope to see you in the Top 40 under 40 or Forbes Africa. Great strategy. All the best.

  • #7

    Richard Marigi (Samstag, 16 April 2016 08:22)

    ideas to offer solutions to peoples needs are paying great.

  • #8

    lukaye Stephen (Samstag, 16 April 2016 08:22)

    as a young entrepreneur am motivated to keep on

  • #9

    June Syowia (Samstag, 16 April 2016 08:40)

    Great job! This is what entrpreneurship is; coming up with solutions

  • #10

    Pesh (Samstag, 16 April 2016 08:43)

    Good work!keep it up.

  • #11

    Alex (Samstag, 16 April 2016 09:28)

    Great progress!

  • #12

    Angela (Samstag, 16 April 2016 09:37)

    Going places Dave.

  • #13

    Sharleen (Samstag, 16 April 2016 09:38)

    Wow I just love the creativity.your story is so inspiring. Bravo

  • #14

    Achapah (Samstag, 16 April 2016 10:13)

    Good going, the progress is pleasant!

  • #15

    Kamau Irungu (Samstag, 16 April 2016 10:32)

    The beauty of great mentorship. Good job David and Morris.

  • #16

    peter cranes (Samstag, 16 April 2016 10:38)

    The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.
    Nice job dave

  • #17

    Pamela verone (Samstag, 16 April 2016 11:07)

    Great work Dave great inspiration kudos

  • #18

    Diana otieno (Samstag, 16 April 2016 11:19)

    awesome work nothing great was achieved without enthuasiam great work

  • #19

    Michelle ojuang' (Samstag, 16 April 2016 11:37)

    The most aggressive and passionate person I know. David, you have done great . May the Almighty give you all the will and ability to execute all your plans in this business. See you at the top.

  • #20

    Anita Busaka (Samstag, 16 April 2016 11:53)

    Quite a passionate entrepreneur. Keep up the good work.

  • #21

    OCHIENG GERALD (Samstag, 16 April 2016 12:12)

    Positive transformative content. ..moving and looking foward for a rapid expansion ...head high.

  • #22

    Malcolm (Samstag, 16 April 2016 12:43)

    Its so inspiring to come to realize that anyone can come up with a .seemingly simple and yet great an idea whose monetary value is of international comparison, kudos David and Morris

  • #23

    Khamati Godfrey (Samstag, 16 April 2016 13:21)

    It's quite inspiring to see young people being innovative, creative and entrepreneurs as this. Keep up the good work... Congratulations David and Morris

  • #24

    Sidney Ruth (Samstag, 16 April 2016 18:26)

    Am proud of you bro. You did it!!! tu nous as montré cette détermination et persévérance est la clé du succès.

  • #25

    Billy (Samstag, 16 April 2016 19:02)

    This is inspiring, great move.

  • #26

    Nancy Marie (Samstag, 16 April 2016 19:02)

    Great job are an inspiration

  • #27

    Jenipher ambaka (Samstag, 16 April 2016 19:20)

    Congrats bro!

  • #28

    Kevin ouko (Samstag, 16 April 2016 20:47)

    This far its the lord

  • #29

    Job (Samstag, 16 April 2016 21:20)

    Great work David may God continue to bless you

  • #30

    Job Otieno (Sonntag, 17 April 2016 09:12)

    Wow! I'm sincerely glad for the development David. I pray that it keeps going up. Indeed u had a plan. May God bless n reward your hardwork abundantly.

  • #31

    Kevin Othero (Sonntag, 17 April 2016 09:46)

    Exceptional service David. I am impressed by the professionalism and high level of responsiveness of your team. Deliveries are made within expected time. Great price. Very functional and user friendly site and mobile app. Keep it up and more success will come your way David.

  • #32

    Mary John (Montag, 18 April 2016 10:08)

    Great work David n Cerrulo. Keep it up

  • #33

    Annah (Montag, 18 April 2016 10:42)

    Great work David and Morris. Keep up the excellent work City Rydes Limited.

  • #34

    Cerrullo (Montag, 18 April 2016 11:08)

    We are humble and honored we thank God for these far he has brought us more solutions on the way,Thank you guys...

  • #35

    Friques (Montag, 18 April 2016)

    Great idea...great brought closer to our doorsteps...kudos to you guys...

  • #36

    Elsie Lorraine Opondo (Montag, 18 April 2016 13:12)

    I'm extremely proud of you David Otieno.
    You have got to be my number one fan when it comes to humility, passion and ambition.
    I pray for God's blessings in your endeavours.
    Great job.
    I salute you sir.

  • #37

    Anyango Janet (Montag, 18 April 2016 13:37)

    Congratulations. extremely proud of you

  • #38

    Rachelle Racheal (Montag, 18 April 2016 14:45)

    This too much inspiration to the young society keep it up guys. My dear Cerrullo personally u keep challenging me day by day and you are really one person to look at, keep going darling and mungu awazidishie Baraka kwa Kazi ya mikono yenu.

  • #39

    Waudy (Montag, 18 April 2016 15:03)

    Congrats bro....n wishing you all the best in your guys are going places......big up

  • #40

    Roselyne (Montag, 18 April 2016 15:05)

    Kudos David for the great work!

  • #41

    Christine wekesa (Montag, 18 April 2016 16:32)

    ooooooh that's so great my dear. very lnspiring and moreso it has shown out how innovators you are.thumbs up hugs and keep it up.

  • #42

    David (Montag, 18 April 2016 18:53)

    Thanks Guys we appreciate your support. You guys have contributed through your advice,encouragement,sharing,buying and prayers.

    We are because you are keep supporting

  • #43

    santer marie (Montag, 18 April 2016 20:33)

    The humble begining dznt count...the strength in ua finish leaves a mark...nice work

  • #44

    Roseline (Dienstag, 19 April 2016 20:31)

    David,you have been a great person and never cease to amaze me. I am so happy for CityRydes and her growth in months and look forward to get expansion.

  • #45

    Dorcas Jaber (Mittwoch, 20 April 2016 06:51)

    Am proud of the far cityrydes have gone. Expecting more in the coming months

  • #46

    Kenny (Freitag, 22 April 2016 15:09)

    Great to see how this turned from just an idea to an actual business.