Switzerland and South Africa – Sustainable Skills DevelopmentConference / Feb 22-24, 2017 Gauteng (SA)


The skills development system in Switzerland is most probably the best in the world. One of the partners of expect more international is Bruno Geiger. Together with Rudolf H. Strahm, Cornelia Oertle and Erik Swars, Bruno published a book in August 2016 with the title: Vocational and Professional Education and Training in Switzerland – Success factors and challenges for sustainable implementation abroad.


The conference will present various best practice cases:

· Examples of participating companies in the Swiss Dual Track VET System
  (i.e. Bühler Group,   Schindler Elevators, Johnson&Johnson / CILAG, Roche Diagnostics
  International, Glencore International)

· Transfer projects in the USA, Brazil, Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Sri Lanka,
   Nepal, Kosovo


The program for these 3 days contains interesting topics:

· Skills Development from various perspectives (Swiss view, South African government
  view, Educational view, Economical view, Society point of view)

· The challenges faced by some of SA’s critical Skills Development Stakeholders

· Empowering Individuals to reach their full potential

· Gearing for the Future through Entrepreneurship and Coding

· Successful implementation of a VET system

· Sustainable Development in South Africa

· Work Readiness - for new entrance into the world of work

· Skills using intuitive intelligence

· Life skills

· Exploring success for women engineers


A World Café will enable the participants to discuss and define recommendations

for the goals set for the conference. These recommendations will be summarized

and presented to all stakeholders. A forum discussion with representatives from

the South African Government and from the Association for Skills Development

will wrap up the conference and will open the doors for a “sustainable skills

development system in South Africa”.


It is time to expect more - and to empower more! We are covering “the extra mile”! We question traditional solutions, innovate and improve them. We strive for growth, securing the future for us, and for our communities, by investing in education.


SASDC 2017
Switzerland and South Africa - Sustainab
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«Innovation ist auch in der Berufsbildung gefragt»

Interview im KMU Magazin des Gewerbeverbandes Luzern / August Ausgabe - Ergänzungen zu den kurzen

Antworten gebe ich sehr gerne persönlich - mehr auch auf;

Luzern hat sich bezüglich Wettbewerbsfähigkeit unter den Kantonen gemäss UBS-Ranking auf den fünften Platz gekämpft. Wir haben noch zusätzliches Potenzial. Dank Innovationen können wir es nutzen. Das Thema Innovation steht deshalb im Brennpunkt der August-Ausgabe des Magazins.

KMU August - Artikel Seite 10/11
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